Event #12 Speights West Coaster Half Marathon

Would you qualify water crossings, trail running up and down mountains in deep forest through to beautiful coastlines to across the Muriwai cliffs a classic half marathon or an adventure race? I think the latter – it felt like it! & we all loved it (I think).

Passing on not following my physio’s advice of letting my stress fracture heal without impact on the foot into the new year will not be a recommendation or something I’m proud of. However there was one thing for certain, nothing.. not even an injury, or walking for half of it because my foot couldn’t take the impact whatsoever – would stop me crossing the finish line of the 12th event for the year for these children supported by our charities as the last event for RunThe12 2017 came to a close.

Whoa – what a year it has been, personally and professionally and I could not have done it without the unfailing love and support of my friends and family and certainly not without the motivation and purpose behind this mission, you know who you all are, Thank you.

My gorgeous friend Rosie Fea and I happily and cheerfully waltzed into Christmas fanatic Auckland city Warehouse and spent a few hundred dollars on teddy bears and toys to deliver to Make A Wish offices and Variety offices to gift to the children over the Christmas and New Year – meeting and greeting those who I’ve been emailing and new faces too! great people, wonderful teams. On return to Queenstown I couriered another big box to KidsCan as being in Auckland for such a small amount of time and fitting in friends, event and seeing every charity was such a mission and a half! Next time, for sure.

To a beautiful and intense year ahead – lets do this. New training routines as I mix it up with a couple of triathlons as well as marathons, ticking off personal goals as well as fundraising for my favorite cause.

Beautiful to see that a few of my girlfriends have put their hands up to get on board for 2018 and participate in events representing Runthe12 and the charities too, cannot wait to see where the takes us, opportunities that open and people who’d like to come on board, supporting, following and/or running!

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for your support and donations.

Contact me if you’d like to get involved in 2018.

Anya Alessandria

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