Event #9 Cromwell Half Marathon

A beautiful Spring Sunday in Cromwell bought crowds of the local community together to enjoy this event and participate in the towns annual half marathon, 10km run and relay events . I didn’t end up saving my photos and videos I’d taken throughout this event from my instagram and snapchat story for RunThe12 – however since, I have found my GoPro! so I will jump straight into it for the next event and will make sure I do so you have something a bit better to glimpse over when reading than just a training picture! how beautiful is it that here in Central Otago we have the absolute best spot for events like these, the climate, the mountain surrounds, the lakes, the people, the trails!

With #9 done and dusted, event #10 is only ten days away and my time from this event was quite slower than normal so plenty of training of different climbs, lengths and speed has been a great help, along with following a new stretch down plan from my buddy Chris! hopefully will pay off as I step further towards the marathon and our next events! Event #10 is the Coastal Classic MTB and Trail Run at Taieri Mouth – I have not yet been here so it will be yet another lil’ roadie! the trail run I’ll be ding is the 21km distance, alternate options include a 12km run, a walk or mountain bike over coastal ways, trails, private farmland and views north and south of the Otago coastline. (Above, is an earlier photograph taken from the previous coastal classic).

So far, RunThe12 has been the best way for me to enjoy the best Otago has to offer through doing something I love – running, for the best purpose! raising money for NZ Children’s Charities. To share this little mission and blog with you along the way is the best treat! If you would like to support me and this mission for 2017, visit our Give A Little page and donate to our children’s charities KidsCan, Make A Wish and Variety NZ. It’s fair to say I’m looking forward to a trip to Auckland at the end of 2017 to personally gift all of your donations of support to the charities!

I encourage you to sign up for an event, a cause, or create a mission today and watch yourself naturally grow and glow as you work towards for filling this goal. Naturally, you’ll vibe positivity and encouragement like wildfire, do what you love every day and wake up with purpose, on purpose.

Thank you for all of your messages, and supporting a great cause!

Anya Alessandria


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