Event #8 The Shoe Clinic Hill Free Half Marathon

Firstly, thank you so much to those who have donated to the RunThe12 Give A Little page – supporting and sponsoring me to run in 12 running events throughout this year for our amazing Children’s charities here in New Zealand. Variety NZ, Make A Wish NZ and KidsCan – who are helping children and families lives every day here in our beautiful New Zealand! At the end of the year, to head to Auckland and give the funds raised will be such a treat and the day other runners also running for RunThe12 will be awesome – for now, I’m loving being able to do it myself first – best to encourage you to do something I know that can be done – pretty excited planning for 2018 events and sponsors.

The Shoe Clinic Hill Free Half Marathon last Sunday was a treat! This was the most ‘kiwi’ country run I’d ran in – in a very long time! It took me back to running through my small country hometown where there was not much of anything but a buzzing community of humble country farmer folk, a public open road to run along, countless number of paddocks with cows and sheep as the main support crew! oh we ran past a tractor moving hay bales too!

Packed my bags and car to make the trip as homely as possible and hit the road after a busy night shift at work and drove the four hours to run the half first thing in the morning – something about waking up next to the beach is just beautiful! in such a plentiful land of beauty we live in here in the South of New Zealand is a delight. We are so lucky – I encourage you to make the most of every opportunity you have to get out and explore, if you can have a purpose for it, even better.

As part of the RunThe12 series – the eighth event is the Cromwell half marathon – next Sunday! The Cromwell Half-Marathon and 10k Run or Walk course takes you around the shores of beautiful Lake Dunstan, passing through the Heritage Precinct, with a backdrop of spectacular mountain views.  This is a family-friendly, fun event which attracts runners of all levels.

Thank goodness this event is only forty minutes away! let me know if you’re running in the Cromwell half marathon or 10KM – or interested in any of our next few events I’ll be running in too if you’d like a running buddy! you can support through our Give A Little page here.

Running for a purpose has been the biggest motivation.

I encourage you to step out and work towards your goals this week – whatever they may be.

Anya Alessandria


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