#7 TRAQ Jacks Point Half Marathon

If you are looking for a challenge, this half marathon is definitely for you, the first 10 kilometers alone were hard enough! Going for the second loop was a challenge however, the feeling of getting across that finish line made it all in all worth it!

Below are a few photographs by TRAQ racing from the event..  this mountain hill was a killer, but worth, worth, worth it! ♥

What made this event special was that dogs were invited to run with us too, one lady had a harness around her waist connected to her two Siberian Huskies, who ran with her the whole way through the trail. It was amazing to find out over $1,200 was raised for the Dog Rescue Trust.

RunThe12 has received more donations for each event too, so far we’ve raised $350 for our children’s charities here in New Zealand, supporting kiwi kids in need, thank you so much for your support the whole way through this journey for 2017.

RunThe12’s next event we entered into is the 21KM Shoe Clinic Hill Free Half Marathon in Dunedin on Sunday, 8th October, If you’d like to run this event with me, let me know. Congratulations to my beautiful friend Maddy and her friend Amy who ran in the Cadbury Half and Full Marathon last weekend in Dunedin, wish I was there with you!

Yes, the Cadbury Marathon was supposed to be our eighth event for 2017 however unfortunately my car broke down and I was working at the time the gals had left to travel for the hours it takes from Queenstown to Dunedin, so I couldn’t make it.

Even though I’ve committed myself to these events, it’s so important to be kind and understand sometimes, life just gets in the way, and little obstacles are placed, but there is ALWAYS another option, and luckily enough we live in a country and place where sporting/running events are around us in abundance, there is always another event to sign into, I’m excited for the next half marathon, so ready!

Great news for RunThe12 this week too, some awesome revelations and sponsorship being established behind scenes ♥

Thank you for your unfailing, kindest support!

Right from our first year (2017), where it’s just little me and my beautiful friends sporadically jumping into events with me, you’re awesome.

Running for our beautiful, kiwi kids in need ♥


Anya Alessandria
Founder of RunThe12


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