Collab! Q&A with Lanna Jeeves

My name is Lanna, I am 23 and living in the heart of Sydney! I have always had a love for exercise and healthy foods. So it’s no surprise I am currently working in the health and fitness industry.  Health is so important to me because it doesn’t only affect how you physically look, but it also affects how you treat/respect yourself and others, and most importantly your happiness. I am so excited to be sharing a little about what I do to live an active life, and my reasoning for that. Thank you Anya and Run The 12 for giving me this opportunity to reflect, and set future health and lifestyle goals for myself.

  • Keep on running!

Why are you living an active lifestyle?

I chose to live an active lifestyle because I like the way fit feels. It’s such an empowering feeling knowing that you have control over your body, and are nurturing it to be strong, and live a more fulfilled life. I would never let myself get to the point where I have to stop doing something I enjoy, or want to try out because I do not have the energy or fitness to do it.

What are your favourite gym shoes and why? (Brand & Name of shoe)

Definitely Adidas NMD R1’s! Just because they are so damn good looking!

How many days do you workout per week?

I work out 5 times per week. Although I would love to workout 6, it can be difficult to fit in. Sometimes life just happens and you don’t get the time to d]o everything.

If you were to be sponsored. Who would it be by and why?]

I have too many activewear brands that I like, so I would have to say EHP Labs, as I am obsessed with their protein powder!!

What is your go-to Pre workout meal & post workout meal

I never really have anything before I workout as I don’t really feel the need for it. However, I feel that if I eat about 2-3 hours before working out, I have a good amount of energy without feeling like it’s going to come back up. After my workout I will try to have a protein shake within half an hour, or my favourite a protein ball from my gym café!

What are the top 3 “Little Things” that you do to prevent injury? (ex. core work, barefoot running, gym exercises, dynamic stretching, foam rolling)

I’m in no means an expert in this area, but I find properly warming up; so a 5-10 minute brisk walk/run on the treadmill, before going and lifting any weights always helps. This said, it’s always good to warm up the muscle group you will be training. For example, if I am training shoulders or chest I will use light weights (2-3kgs), and just lift my arms out front, to the side, to the sky etc. to really warm those little muscles up. Always start light and work your way up to heavy. The last little thing I do is foam roll! I have a terrible back, so I find rolling out for 5-10 minute after a workout helps this.

How do you stay motivated when you don’t feel like working out or eating healthy?

Everyone has an off day or two, so I try reminding myself not to get down if I am craving something I shouldn’t eat. It’s all about balance, so if you feel like eating chocolate, or pizza or whatever it maybe, try not to splurge too much. Just treat yo self in moderation. A little tip! When I feel like drinking something fizzy or sweet I will get a Kombucha from a local health store or drink sparkling water instead 🙂

What is your main sport and goal in your sport?

This is something I would love to get back into. I always played sport in high school, and really miss it. So for the mean time lifting weights at the gym is my sport, as it is convenient and I enjoy it. I’m not a huge fan of classes. However, I have found a love for boxing, so I may see myself getting into that more often!

My main goal at the gym is to tone up, drop my body fat % and become stronger.

Have you invested in your knowledge about the sport? If yes, tell us one thing you learned that caught your interest.

I find learning about the human body so fascinating in regards to; which muscle groups should be worked, or what foods you should be eating to get a certain results. I have tried a program which has taught me a lot about macros, and weighing food which personally I have found extremely valuable. In regards to exercise, I am constantly researching and watching what other people are doing in the gym and online, to achieve specific results. Never stop learning, education is so valuable.

Just a little something to leave you with, and something I am still working on myself,

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

“Try stay on track, set goals/targets, prep those meals, and enjoy yourself.”

  • Lanna xx

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