Time to be ready for #7

The 2017 halfway crunch has passed and we’re at $300 of donations for our Children’s Charities, that’s $100 per charity so far! Thank you for your efforts, thank you for your support and I’m very excited to see where we’re headed to from here, we have some BIG events lined up including a half marathon, two full marathons and a run up Roys Peak here in Wanaka. If you were interested to see just how far your monetory value can go for KidsCan, Make A Wish or Variety please take less than a minute to watch this video and see how only 50 cents can help out more than you’d think! Our goal for 2017 is $6,000, please help us reach our goal! through our Give A Little page, on this link 🙂

The sixth event was a hit! and ALMOST a miss! but not quite. First time being by myself in Dunedin, I was very overwhelmed by the motorway, on/off ramps, Google maps, beating the clock, I should have left much earlier but scheduled to be there on time, ready for go! After taking the wrong turns on and off the motorway towards the north of Dunedin I ended up being there with just enough time to park & jump out of my car and run the final leg of the Fun Run with the other runners with the congratulations from the Cadbury Magic man, for our full marathon in September I’ll get a photo with him and his crazy big purple costume haha! to make up the lost kilometres, Heyward’s Point was a perfect option, overlooking the small beach side town of Aramoana, it was absolutely serene, what a gorgeous spot! I highly recommend taking the muddy, forest, and farmside track that leads to this beautiful point next time you’re visiting Dunedin. Send me any options for must do running or walking trails as we’ll be revisiting again in September for the Cadbury Full Marathon! This will be my first ever marathon so I’ve been increasing the carbs and will be starting to also increase the kilometres in training! If only the temperature were to get warmer soon however that’ll come once Winter passes.. for now, this is a great challenge! Keep up to date with our Instagram page where we’ll be posting an introduction for our charities followed by training updates on our live story daily and event updates too!

Another great milestone! Brandland is our first new sponsor! If you know of a business here in New Zealand, or more locally in Queenstown who would like to get involved in supporting a great cause and encouraging those to run for children going through hardship in New Zealand as opposed for just running for themselves or their club then let us know, please! email us at here! Or through any of our social media accounts, we would love to collaborate and be sponsored by you and your company!  There will also be a support and sponsor page introduced to our website over the next couple of days and many more frequent blog posts to come!

Have an awesome week and go chase your goals! whether that’s in your fitness, business, lifestyle or personal life, or even better – help and encourage another to reach theirs 🙂

Thank you again.

Anya Alessandria

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