Event #6! Cadbury Fun Run

Event #6 is around the corner! That’s HALF the running events for the year already! whooaaaaa! Time flies when you’re working on a project like this and trying to balance adulting and everything else that we do being your average, typical 21 year old girl šŸ™‚ excited for the Cadbury Fun Run (10KM or 5KM) at the Caledonian Sports Ground in Dunedin this July 16th! That is almost 4 weeks to prep for! I want you to get amongst with me! if you’re in Queenstown, which I know most of my readers are (most are my girlfriends, hey!) Hit me up! Train with me, and drive with me down to the event and rep RUNTHE12! Get this, I’ll even pay for your entry fee (hehe, it’s free!) but even more of a reason to put on your runners, and tick off a 10KM event for the year that isn’t even for yourself, it’s for the charity’s we’re running for!

Remember when you used to create calendars in school? prepared a journal to be ready for your exams in high school, and when whatever happens in your personal life, gets in the way enough to have to re arrange your schedule and so you do that, only to have to change it once again to make it happen! Frustration, it kicks in.

Especially when you like to be organised. When you like to stick to your schedule. When you like to have a calendar marked out. When you have set your big goals, and your smaller goals that you can achieve to help you chip away at the big ones. But when dates change, schedules change, your routines change, you have to adapt, you have to look at your options. When plan A doesn’t work, plan B comes in, and when that doesn’t happen, you’re feeling deflated, sometimes it’s hard to remind yourself there are 24 more letters of the alphabet! remind yourself, of the ultimate goal again! and ask yourself, “What are my options right now to make this happen?” Amazing because even when it seems like there aren’t, it becomes time to get creative! and that’s where our Lake Hayes Give A Little Launch event idea came from, and from that we raised $260 for Variety, KidsCan and Make A Wish through our Give A Little page!

Luckily enough there are many, many, many, many more running events here in Queenstown, here in Otago happening throughout the year to make 12 an easily attainable event goal for any person running in these events! that’s what 2017 is all about for us, getting the word out, connecting with the charities, exploring ideas for RUNTHE12 and raising money for these kids who one day, I want to see running with us! There’s a new idea! let’s go team! Cadbury Fun Run here we go! if this isn’t motivation, maybe we can have some chocolateeeeeeee! only after you run it ofcourse!

Anya šŸ™‚

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