Event #5 Give A Little Launch, May ’17

Firstly, thank you. For your support for the first five months of RUNTHE12, we wouldn’t have $260 for Variety, KidsCan and Make A Wish Foundation without it.

This was the launch date of our Give A Little page, and also, the first snowfall here in Queenstown of the season, how beautiful it was! To celebrate, (not that anyone felt like running in the snow – I don’t blame those saying they’d be there to be all rugged up and warm inside) Isaac and I braved it and took the drive down to Lake Hayes and ran the 8KM track. Craig, Kendall and Jenna came to support us and yes, there was snow, our feet were soaked but it was the most scenic run for both of us, imagine the Remarkables on one side and Coronet Peak mountains to the distance and on the side of the lake, little cottages, laden white with snow. Bliss!

This event was an ‘unofficial’ event as usually we’d run in community running races but this was a special day with special people Isaac, Craig, Kendall and Jenna, who have supported me from day dot of RUNTHE12, even those who could not make it, sent messages from Australia, and all around New Zealand. We raised $120 on the day and the remainder during the following week and this event was only reached out to those friends and family who have supported me from the day this idea of RUNTHE12 came. Although a small amount of people and funds to begin with, these are our humble beginnings, and we cannot WAIT to see how much of an impact and change we can all pursue together through raising money and awareness  through RUNTHE12 as we look into sponsorship, we have our Give A Little page open for donations and more and more people get to know about it!

It was a lovely surprise to find our event in the Queenstown Mirror paper that week and no.3 of the top five ‘Things To Do’ in Queenstown 🙂 very sweet, however it opens this up to the possibility of us running our own events in the future, something to look into potentially for 2018 .. however for now, running in community events, talking to people and athletes, organisers and reaching out to people to get on board for this amazing cause, as this means that now we’re not running for only ourselves but to make a positive change and difference in the lives of so many children in New Zealand who need help, and need these donations and support, from our charities. Getting the word out through community events is especially where we’ll be for the remainder of 2017.

PLUS, Our sixth event is coming up fast! here in Queenstown, the Rustic 21KM on June 10th, join me!! I’ll post again this week as I have a fair bit of free time at the moment to focus on RUNTHE12 🙂

Thank you again!

Let’s do this!

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