Event #3 & #4, April ’17

Four events have passed and we’re almost at #5 !

Time to improvise, as there is no event here in Queenstown or in the Central Otago region, initially I’d planned a holiday to rep RUNTHE12 and the charities elsewhere in the country and run in a May event however, I’ve found an opportunity in itself.

Because you’ve shown such huge interest and every second person I tell about RUNTHE12 asks where they can sign up to (hold fire, these days will be coming soon, think 2018, I promise!) a couple of us think it would be cool to just do a run with a group of us, just make one up for our 5th ‘event’, I’m thinking end of May? a 10KM? it’s achievable, anyone can do it, we have a month to train, drop me a message and come train with me and run it at the end of May, here in Queenstown – we can set up a small Facebook event, as our Give A Little Page Launch! as our FIRST contribution to this project! you can say you were one of the first to be apart of it and run or support us through donating! 🙂

..this will come around sooner than expected, I lose track of the days at the moment, just doing all I can to make each one count training and project wise so keep your ears and eyes out as we’ll be updating the Facebook page very soon with an event for #5 of 2017, any track ideas, let me know 🙂 Lake Hayes is always a winner!

SMALL MILESTONE ALERT! our new sample shirts have just landed! (see our feature photo) Light grey, dark grey, black, white and pink too.. with white or black writing of the logo and our hashtag #beCAUSEwerun. Us girls have already been repping these at the gym, on the track, they’re super light weight and easy to work out in with the muscle back singlet style … hopefully they’ll drop later in the year for purchase! Thanks Brandland Queenstown!

  • Here I am giving away our secrets. Zzzip! that’s enough for now.

Plus you’re always updated with everything being in our babydays, so again, thank you for everything, the discussion, the idea vibing, the positive and eagerness to get involved and make a difference through doing something that we love, running, or something that some my hate but grow to love, running! at least we’re doing something greater than for only our own personal gain, we can help struggling kids in our New Zealand through donating and supporting KidsCan, Make A Wish and Variety charities!

Cannot wait to really see all of the efforts and energy put into this project count by the end of the year, little milestones, little milestones.

Contact us for more information here!


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