Event #2 Ben Lomond Mountain Run, March ’17

“You can train and prepare for any race or competition all you want but when you hit a wall, it’s all mind over matter.” – a classic gram quote.

Two months in preparation – since our last event, running/training almost daily, spending time with my friends, competing in other challenges such as The Mule (highly recommend this event), focusing on fuelling my body by eating consistently and working on our charity registration application, oh and working a full-time job! has been keeping me very busy! I’m still finding the balance, and that will come with patience, persistence and adjustment, something that all entrepreneurs and founders would have to learn early on, however, also very motivating and is proving to pay off when we came first in our category for running in our second event for 2017, yesterday! YAY! Go RUNTHE12, already smashing goals we didn’t even have, going into the race I wasn’t thinking first place, I even had to leave prior to prizegiving, I was thinking, how can we get the word out there and promote this to other runners, and elites in their field.

The atmosphere was buzzing, this event wasn’t like others I’ve ran in the past. Elite athletes, previous champions, veterans and every day runners, were amongst our group for this 11.8KM mountain challenge.

All I could think throughout this run was, shift your focus, this is the run, this is about our project, this is about working towards our project. However, my body was fatigue, I had bruises, scratches and sores from last week’s MULE challenge out at Moke Lake and it was painful, it came down to persistence and a mindset shift. It’s crazy when you are mid run and your mind moves to telling yourself, “This isn’t about me winning as it has been in previous races”, “This is about making a positive difference, this is about supporting our charities and community work.” We cannot wait to share that with other runners and athletes, we cannot wait to have the runner beside us and say, “RUN THE 12! Let’s do this!”, and for athletes to stand at the podium and know that because they ran or competed in that certain event, they’ve contributed to their community and charity. When that moment comes, it will be very humbling and we’re very excited.

Unfortunately, at yesterday’s race I was very unwell afterwards, I had to go home and sleep it off. I’m really not too sure if it was fatigue or because I worked very late the night beforehand but I could not make it to the prizegiving and it was a HUGE shock when I discovered today that we had come first! First in our non-champ (champ meaning you had to belong to a running club) category, this could have been the moment for RUNTHE12, this could have been the moment we stood at the podium and told all of the sponsors and athletes our mission and why we were running at the event, why we are doing this, and how they can all get involved! A HUGE learning curve, next time, I will prepare better, there will be no fatigue, we will tell all the others and fingers crossed, our legs will run fast enough so that we can stand at the podium again and tell everybody why we do what we are doing!

Let’s do this, RUNTHE12, at our next event! a short yet great run, The Lake Hayes Easter Triathlon, however we’ll be running in the 10KM race, you can sign up too here at http://activeqt.co.nz/enter-new-world-lake-hayes-tri/ and run with us on the Friday, 14th April 2017, there are many categories to choose from and tickets are only $20 for the open 10km category, there are Olympic swim, Olympic kayak, Triathlon, Duathlon, 10km and 5km categories too! So whichever you’d prefer, get amongst it and hit us up for a RUNTHE12 singlet to rep.

If running isn’t your thing, feel free to come and support us, the atmosphere of events and competitions are pretty fun, but always better if you’re involved!

Our weekly 3 goals for the next few of months with RUNTHE12:

  • Finalise our registration application for the NZ charities commission
  • Create a youtube account and our first vlog
  • and finally, but most importantly, create a Give A Little page for RUNTHE12, so that our supporters and donators can start supporting the initiative and donating to the project for our charities, Variety, KidsCan and Make A Wish Foundation!

Again, thank you for being with us from the baby days, you, our readers, family, friends, our supporters, our runners, are everything to the shift of charity sport we’re creating through this project, let’s do this!

Contact us here to be in touch and get involved with RUNTHE12.

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