2017 Calendar

Run #1 Saturday, 28th January
13km River Trail Run (Big Easy)

Run #2 Saturday, 25th March
Queenstown Mountain Run

Run #3 Saturday, 8th April
Wanaka Sun Marathon (10KM)

Run #4 Friday, 14th April
New World Lake Hayes Tri (10KM)

Run #5 Saturday, 20th May
RUNTHE12 Give A Little Launch 8KM @ Lake Hayes
(see Facebook page for more details!)

Run #6 Sunday, 16th July
10KM Cadbury Fun Run – Dunedin

Run #7 Saturday, 2nd September
21KM Smiths Craft Beer House Jacks Point Trail Run – Queenstown

Run #8 Sunday, 8th October
21KM Shoe Clinic Hill Free Half Marathon – Dunedin

Run #9 Sunday, 22nd October
21KM Cromwell Half Marathon – Cromwell

Run #10 Saturday, 18th November
42KM Queenstown International Marathon

Run #11 Sunday, 26th November
27KM Welcome Rock Trail Race – Queenstown

Run #12 Saturday, 2nd December
60KM or 27KM The Kepler Challenge and Luxmore Grunt – Te Anau

  • Extra events in the area ..
    Wednesday, 27th December – 10KM Run – Lake Hayes Multisport (Christmas)

Let me know if you’re planning on running any of these events, if your company is a sponsor, or you’d like to sponsor us to run in these events! would love to hear from you!

Let’s do this!


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