Lead up to the Mountain Run, Event #2

February and March has been HUGE, and it’s only the 4th day of the month.

Four weeks of persistent training, refocus, creating balance and a new routine has been very empowering and a great challenge. Taking four weeks out to do this is exactly what the project, and I needed. Always reminding  yourself that you need to put yourself first if you know that it’s going to benefit your mission, project and your own health (physically and mentally) in the long run is so important.  It hasn’t been easy but it is going to so worth it once the sponsorship’s start coming through and we start getting more runners and people involved.

In order for me to allow this to happen, I’ve committed myself to two events for one of the months this year and we’re ready for it!  After all, the mission is 12 events across 12 months.

Our training singlets are on the way by Brandland, Queenstown and hopefully will be ready for our next event, the Queenstown Mountain Run, a challenging 11.8KM run on Saturday, 25th March 2017 from the Skyline Gondola up to the Ben Lomond Peak, I cannot wait to see the incredible footage we’ll capture at this event, the views are incredible from there! Please join, enter at ( http://activeqt.co.nz/event/queenstown-mountain-run/ ) or come and spend an afternoon at the Gondola and support us!

At this event the aim is to spread to the word about our mission, keep networking and start people following RUNTHE12 on social media. In regards to the start up of this charity project and initiative itself, I’m in the process of communicating with the NZ Charities Commission & our charities KidsCan, Variety and Make a Wish Foundation we’re donating towards through running in these events which is incredibly exciting and empowering for myself and others next year who want to get involved!

It’s amazing to see and feel the support, from family, friends, charities and colleagues for the mission, you need your network and I would not be creating this and pushing for this if I knew RUNTHE12 had it’s potential to spread the word for our beautiful charities and causes starting right here in New Zealand.

Find your mission, be passionate and start making a positive change in your community and your life, you are what you give and how you live, everyday.

If you’d like to make a suggestion, get in touch and get behind, follow us on Instagram, I’ll try my best to update our website every few days and reply to our emails as soon as possible! please be patient with us being in our baby days.

Thank you for being here from the start.

Contact us here for more information and be in touch with us directly.


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