Event #1 River Trail Run, January ’17

Finally! the day came where we ran our first event of 2017!

Wanaka’s 13km River Trail Run and the Southland Summer sun hit us hard! Today’s event was about talking to other runners, getting the word out about RUNTHE12 and our mission to make a positive difference through simply doing our hobby,  what a mission.

Running motivation tip from January: Mix up your runs, make it fun, if it’s something you always do by yourself, make an effort to go for a run with a friend or colleague, even if it’s not the ‘event’, just a simple 20 minute jog around the block, take a friend! It’s motivating and you’re so much more likely to do it, if you’re reliant on doing it with somebody else.

The Give A Little page should be set up soon 🙂 we’re already gaining plenty of interest and support which is quite overwhelming and exciting! there’s a lot much more to these projects than you think, and I would like to move fast with everything, however patience and taking each step in and not being afraid to fail, learn and try again until this succeeds is key. That’s the thrill of the journey, especially when you, yourself are the driving force behind a project. There’s nothing more exciting than driving a project and getting people behind you, also this week/month is all about training, choosing and researching the children’s charities to support and not so much getting the word out there yet.. because this is all baby steps and a work in progress but it’s just going to take time, goals, energy, patience and faith. Faith that we can make a difference if we put our whole hearts into a mission you believe you have been set out to pursue.

To those who read this, when the project is in it’s baby days, our first year! it is so nice to have you behind us so early on in the mission 🙂 thank you for your words and support! contact me here to provide suggestions, event recommendations, if you want to get on board, please get in touch! refer to the contact page above, or email us at info.runthe12@gmail.com

Can’t wait to hear back from the charities! Fingers crossed they give the all go!

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