Event #3 & #4, April ’17

Four events have passed and we’re almost at #5 ! Time to improvise, as there is no event here in Queenstown or in the Central Otago region, initially I’d planned a holiday to rep RUNTHE12 and the charities elsewhere in the country and run in a May event however, I’ve found an opportunity in itself….

Event #2 Ben Lomond Mountain Run, March ’17

“You can train and prepare for any race or competition all you want but when you hit a wall, it’s all mind over matter.” – a classic gram quote. Two months in preparation – since our last event, running/training almost daily, spending time with my friends, competing in other challenges such as The Mule (highly…

Lead up to the Mountain Run, Event #2

February and March has been HUGE, and it’s only the 4th day of the month. Four weeks of persistent training, refocus, creating balance and a new routine has been very empowering and a great challenge. Taking four weeks out to do this is exactly what the project, and I needed. Always reminding  yourself that you…

Event #1 River Trail Run, January ’17

Finally! the day came where we ran our first event of 2017! Wanaka’s 13km River Trail Run and the Southland Summer sun hit us hard! Today’s event was about talking to other runners, getting the word out about RUNTHE12 and our mission to make a positive difference through simply doing our hobby,  what a mission….